Businesses need a Web partner who knows marketing

Every good business needs a good website. This is no longer only a marketing piece that is nice to have, it is a critical tool that can serve many purposes: point of contact, marketing to prospective customers, education, it can house documents and tools for existing clients, help in public relations efforts – the list goes on and on. Creating clean, eye-catching, well-written and effective web sites is Spotted Koi’s specialty.

We are technical gurus who understand marketing, and marketers who are versed in technology because we believe these two disciplines can and should go hand in hand. Our clients like to call us the team who speaks marketing and writes their code. We make it our daily goal to create the kind of websites that are a cohesive part of an overall marketing plan… They look, speak and act like a company’s best persona. They work well. They look good. They are easy to navigate. And they help turn prospective clients into your best customers. If this sounds good to you, call us today.

This is what Spotted Koi can do for your business:

  • Create and help execute technology-driven integrated marketing plans
  • Design, code, install and help maintain successful WordPress websites
  • Implement search engine optimization efforts
  • Website upgrade, back-up and security services
  • WordPress website migrations to new servers or URLs


We’re web developers who understand a website is a part of a larger marketing plan designed to bring you more customers.  Are you ready for more customers? If you are, contact us today!