The WordPress Guide Plugin

WordPress GUIDE
Only $5!

This is an example of a tooltip that we use to show you everything about your WordPress admin

The WP Guide Plugin is a premium plugin that teaches you and your WordPress users how to use every single feature for their user level within WordPress. We use easy to read tooltips to walk you through every WordPress feature on every page so that you can use WordPress to its fullest capability.


  • Clearly written tooltips that point at the feature they are talking about
  • A lesson for every page
  • Clear notifications to users about whether they need to continue in the guide
  • Admins get to see how far along their users are in the guide
  • Bulk Pricing and Whitelabeling for agencies who want to provide this plugin to their users
    • Whitelabeling allows you to put a “For help with WordPress contact us!” link in the help docs and at the footer of the WordPress admin pages
  • Easy to use centralize plugin and licence-code management account at
    • Email notification of updates and new features
  • Spotted Koi Plugin Support forum

When your users are not quite done with their lessons, the WP Guide will show them how to continue through the guide.

For our administrators, there is an added menu item that lets you manage your plugin and see where all your users are through their lessons. Just click “WP Guide” in your menu





Whenever you would like to see the progress of your users through the WP Guide, just click “WP Guide” in your menu and this table will show you everything you need to know.








Our tooltips are interactive with the WordPress admin, showing you the functionality you may not know about.






  • 1 website license key for $5.00
  • 3 website license keys for $13.50
  • 5 website license keys for $21.25
  • Unlimited Codes for $50.00
  • White label the plugin – $25.00


Get the Plugin!

You can get the plugin in one of two ways. Click “Buy Now” above, or go to our WordPress Plugin Management Server.

WordPress GUIDE
Only $5!



All support for this plugin is handled through our Spotted Koi WP Guide Support Forum.  Please post questions, comments, and any problems you encounter there.