Post Font Selector Plugin

This plugin allows you to change the font of your entire post or page on-the-fly when you create this post or page.  You would use this to add some flair to your pages or posts. Other uses include setting the css definition in the admin area to only apply the font to your headers or only to your content. You can add whatever Google font you would like through the admin area as well.

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Admin Area

Let’s you choose or add which fonts from the Google Font repo that you would like to be available on your site.

When you are adding a font to your site’s list, go to the Google Font Repository and find a name (see image below) and paste this name into the “add Font” box. The classifications of serif, sans-serif, and script are there for your purposes only. Don’t worry if you don’t know which your font is.

Post Edit / Page Edit

Choose which font you want on THIS post or page, saves with the post or page

Front End Results

The front-end will change fonts based on the selection that you made for THAT post or page.


Download the postfont plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repo

Version 1.0 - hosted on


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