Custom Excerpt Plugin

Excerpt Plugin

Found this code in my personal site, made it into a plugin

Download from the WordPress plugin Repository


This plugin will override all excerpt functionality currently in a theme and allow the site admin to change the excerpt settings directly from the admin side of the site, without knowing code.

Admin Page

The admin page allows the administrator to manage excerpt options:

  1. Excerpt Length
  2. Read More Text
  3. Text Before Read More
  4. Text After Read More
  5. Link Read More text to the post

We also add a menu item to the Settings Menu, to make it easy to find and use.

Results of the Plugin

Wherever you use excerpts in your theme, the plugin will build the excerpt just as you set it up. The length and Read More functionality will all be there.

You Should Know

This plugin will completely override excerpt settings that your theme or other plugin have placed into your site.


Version 1:
Download from the WordPress plugin RepositoryDownload from us


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