About Our Logo

Why a fish?
Our Spotted Koi logo was hand-drawn by a talented Denver-based artist and friend, Nemo. Spotted koi are a symbol of friendship and are highly revered in Japanese culture. For founders Matt Bernier and Tony Kimberly, the spotted koi is meaningful for two reasons: it symbolizes our long-time friendship, and it serves as a daily reminder that we strive to make our clients stand out among their competitors much like the beautiful Spotted Koi does among many other fish in a pond.

From Nemo’s website:

I have always been a doodler ever since elementary school. I used to fill entire sheets of notebook paper with random circles, spirals and swirls and give them away to my friends. So when I started drawing that first day during my lunch break, I used my normal familiar circles and spirals which I had also always incorporated into my acrylic art work. I covered the entire magazine image with marker using the edges of the subject as stopping and starting points for the different styles of spirals and circles. Once finished I stood back and looked at it and realized that I would rather see just the lines without the background magazine image.

Nemo Spotted Koi Logo

Please do us a favor and check out Nemo’s website, enjoy his art, and maybe buy one of his amazing pieces.  ArtbyNemo.com