About Spotted Koi

Not all web developers are alike.

The web developers at Spotted Koi are not only technical gurus, we’re also people-people. We’re friendly, professional, and we like getting to know our clients and understanding how their business works. Friends since childhood who always dared to dream big, Spotted Koi was started in February 2010 by Matt Bernier and Tony Kimberly. In March 2012 Matt sold his portion off Spotted Koi to Tony and Spotted Koi entered a new phase: concentrating on helping agencies with highly technical development work that they may not be able to do in-house.

We first built our company by creating web sites and online tools for friends and family who ran small businesses. We spent time researching (and still do today) what makes web sites draw potential customers in, and what makes them fall flat, and we put that knowledge to work for our own clients. By helping those first clients to market themselves with a great web site and improve their bottom line with web-based tools, our own company also began to grow and thrive. We love being a part of start-up success stories, and helping small businesses grow in size and efficiency is still our specialty today.

To us, each client’s business is unique, and we pride ourselves in the high-quality work, honest communication and personable service we provide. Spotted Koi measures its own success by asking ourselves daily what we have done to help our clients grow their business, look better and work smarter.