WordPress 3.8 and 3.8.1 are out to play

Like a cute puppy these two new versions are always ready to play with you and your website’s server. And they’re bringing the fun!!


What’s New?

3.8 is a HUGE upgrade in terms of appearance and use-ability. For the first time in months WordPress gets an updated appearance for the dashboard in typography and colors that can be set for each user.


Give Me the BEEF

Well… most users won’t give a damn about the majority of the updates 3.8 and 3.8.1 bring but I can say a lot of developers are interested! However, users can enjoy a few things:

  • Smoother widget management with a ‘click-to-add’ rather than a drag & drop.
  • Better theme-management with a dynamic preview for you theme-hoppers out there.
  • Larger, more spacious text and color contrasts.
  • Responsive interface so you can modify your website easily on any device.

Check out the video:

Where you can read more:

Upgrade-ability score*: 9 out of 10

Download link: http://WordPress.org/WordPress-3.8.1.zip

*The Upgrade-ability score only matters when upgrading from the previous version, in this case 3.7.1

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