WordPress 3.7 AND 3.7.1 and Here and Bringing You Automagical Updates

What WordPress 3.7 and 3.7.1 Brings to the Table:

Since WordPress 3.7.1 came out just a few days after 3.7 we’re rolling the blog posts together and giving you a combined analysis, let’s take a look:


WordPress 3.7.1 Huzzah

Password Strength Meter:

WP 3_7 Password Strength bad password


WP 3_7 Password Strength Great password

The WP team has updated the password meter to account for the vulnerability of common items like dates, names, keyboard patterns (123456789), and even pop culture references.

Automagical Updates:

The great news is that WordPress’ move to auto-updates is a part of their new approach to make updates more frequent and trouble-free. For some months now we’ve seen new versions that add features without taking away core code. It is the changing of core code (hooks http://codex.WordPress.org/Plugin_API/Hooks really) that are the largest cause of broken sites after an upgrade.

And, if you hate the auto-updates you can simply disable them: http://make.WordPress.org/core/2013/10/25/the-definitive-guide-to-disabling-auto-updates-in-WordPress-3-7/

What else? Well, in this release there were plenty of code and infrastructure updates but the substantive updates were relatively minimal. This is a good thing. It shows that the WP team continues to be committed to long-term stability of the platform and is willing to put that above purty features!

Where you can read more:

Upgrade-ability score: 9 out of 10

Download link: http://WordPress.org/WordPress-3.7.zip

*The Upgrade-ability score only matters when upgrading from the previous version, in this case 3.6.1

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