How to Change the Default Image ‘Insert into Post’ sizes in WordPress

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This post is a part of the “5 to save you 50″ series we’re doing here at – all items that take 5 minutes and will save you 50 minutes or more in the next month!

WordPress is a great platform but it comes with some silly things set up. Fortunately, you can change anything!

Most content areas on a website that has a sidebar are a maximum of 600 pixels in width. Many are more like 550px or 500px. Unfortunately the default image sizes in WordPress are much less useful giving you these:

  • Thumbnail: 150 x 150 pixels
  • Medium: 300 x 200 pixels
  • Large: 1024 x 682 pixels
  • Full Size: However large your full-size image is!

Change WordPress' Default File sizes

So, 300 is a bit small but do-able. BUT, you can change this to your liking, here is how:

Navigate to Settings >> Media (Make sure you’re logged in as an Admin to do this). Change whichever image size you’d like! I changed the ‘Medium’ one because it was closest. Just make sure to click ‘Save Changes’ when you’re finished

WordPress media settings to change image insert sizes

BOOM! You’ve just saved yourself from having to manually re-size ALL post images in the future. Happy Writing :)

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