WordPress 3.6 is Out and You Should be Really Excited About it! (I am)

I’m really excited about WordPress 3.6 and what it is going to do for businesses, I’ll tell you why: This version is heavily focused on blogging, particularly with video and audio.

Are you confused yet?

I know most business owners don’t see blogging as a part of their job, and for a lot of us it isn’t. If you’re in a market with a low online presence then you don’t have to do a lot to separate yourself from the crowd. But, if you’re in a highly competitive online crowd, blogging is a huge part of an SEO strategy that can get you new clients and customers on a regular basis. And that is why ‘Oscar’ is pretty sweet for all of us.

Check out the hipsters showing you all the cool things Oscar can do:

As you can see WordPress 3.6 brings us significantly better automated embedding and support for video and audio media, revised auto-saving and post-locking while you write new content and better media management from the media gallery.

Of course the technical details can be found here: http://codex.WordPress.org/Version_3.6

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