Spotted Koi is in the Wall Street Journal!

project beards - spotted koi

We all knew that it would come to this. Spotted Koi got a mention in the Wall Street Journal! Sue Shellenbarger’s recent article “The Power of a ‘Project Beard’ and Other Office Rituals” talks about the odd things that we do to get important work done. Here’s a snippet describing how we do “project beards” over here at SK:

To speed up work on a stalled music-website project, Tony Kimberly and Matt Bernier, co-founders of a Kansas City, Kan., Web-development company called Spotted Koi, cooked up a ritual—vowing not to shave or cut their hair until they finished. In the next 2½ months, Mr. Bernier, who usually wears his hair cut short, says “I looked like I had lived on the streets for a couple of years.”

We recommend reading the whole article, of course, as it does a great job of shedding light on workplace rituals from all kinds of industries. Next stop: New York Times? :)

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