WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” – You’re Gonna Love It

WordPress’s newest update to its core system, Version 3.5, is called “Elvin” after the legendary drummer Elvin Jones, formerly of the John Coltrane quartet. New releases excite our developers to no end, and Elvin does not disappoint! It should be noted that WordPress also recently updated to Version 3.5.1, but the .1 is just some basic maintenance and security upgrades. So here’s a few highlights from the new WordPress:

Media Manager Gets Major Upgrade

The entire Media Manager system is quite shiny and smooth. It makes us wonder why things didn’t run so well before! The new interface features drag-and-drop functionality across the entire window, as well as easy reordering and inline caption editing. You can now insert multiple images simultaneously. For many of our clients, especially those with photo-heavy websites, this new update is a real bonus.

Twenty-Twelve Theme (stock) Better Than Ever

The basic WordPress theme has come a long way since 2003. Elvin’s new Twenty-Twelve is the best yet, with a strong yet elegant design that leaves many wondering “Why would I bother with a different theme?” We’re especially happy with the theme’s focus on mobile-friendly display; mobile use increasingly constitutes a large portion of web traffic.

The admin sections are Retina-Ready, the entire dashboard has been re-polished, and there’s enough developer-focused changes to keep any code monkeys smiling. Be sure to upgrade your current WordPress installation to 3.5 to maintain security, and check out all the great new features that Elvin brings to the table. Here’s a video of the real Elvin Jones shredding/teaching for your enjoyment:


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