Why a website is the foundation for your small business’s marketing

As if you didn’t need any more evidence to push you towards investing in a solid website for your small business, consider this interesting statistic:

“89% of people begin looking for a product or service by searching online.”

Nobody looks for you in the Yellow Pages anymore so quit spending money there! (Note for those readers under the age of 25: the Yellow Pages are a big, annoying book where potential customers used to look for local businesses.)

Nobody drives around town looking for X Service Agency, Inc. – Gas is too expensive, so they Google it before leaving the house.

Get your business to show up in search engines

Your website is a foundation. Think of a skyscraper. They are very tall buildings, so without the support at the bottom (the foundation), things can be pretty precarious.

Photo thanks to wwarby on Flickr

You know this is true. But you also know that not every customer buys into your business on the first floor. Sometimes they’ve got to climb a little higher to be convinced to click “Add to Cart” or “Let’s Get Started” but they all start at your website. If the skyscraper that is your business has no front doors, no stairwells or elevators, how will your potential customers ever get on their way?

Invest in the future of your small business. Invest in your website. As always, Spotted Koi is here to help.

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