The Absolute Importance of a Backup Plan

backup squirrel

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Has this ever happened to you:

My dog ate my homework.

Hard drive crashed – lost that report I was working on.

Only brought enough fuel to get us to Mars, not to get us back to Earth.

Why didn’t I copy my “Cute Cat Pictures” folder to my external hard drive?!!?!! NOW THEY’RE ALL GONE!

Original Image from IntelFreePress on Flickr

If you use computers, it’s very likely that you’ve encountered a situation where your digital data have been misplaced or destroyed. Whether it’s an accidental deletion or a full-blown lighting strike, when it comes down to it, your data (including your website) are fragile little things. You must protect them and duplicate them.

Backing up your data is not a complicated process unless you make it so, and there are many ways to do it efficiently and/or on the cheap. Here’s some simple tips to get you started:

  1. Backup early, backup often – Accidents happen: Toddlers chew up MacBooks.
  2. You don’t have to have six copies of everything – Prioritize your data: The genealogy report linking you to George Washington that you’ve spent an hour each day typing for the last six years? Maybe that deserves a daily backup. Those cat pictures? Not so much.
  3. Backup the backup – Redundancy loves company: The most important and irreplaceable stuff needs to appear in at least two locations other than your main computer.

Of course there are some situations where redundant backups won’t matter: massive solar flares could wipe out our electrical grids or a mad scientist’s EMP bomb could short out all circuits on the planet. In that case, you still should have grabbed a human fingerbone, dipped it into your own radioactive blood, and scrawled your report into leather hides stretched over the burnt-out frame of your Volvo. It’s never too late for backup, even if your skin is melting and you’re being stalked by monstrous mutant creatures through the ruins of Minneapolis.

You might be asking, “But how can I prove my patriotism and get my website and stuff all backed up and pretty and automatic?”

As usual, Spotted Koi has your answer: Check out what we use for our own backups - BackupBuddy and make sure to Schedule backups at least weekly by navigating to ‘BackupBuddy’ then ‘Scheduling’ in your left sidebar.  Then Add a New Scheduled backup so that you get



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