Keep your business organized – check out Teamwork PM

In an average day at Spotted Koi, we handle dozens of different web projects, a large staff, hundreds of tasks, and more messages than we care to count. How do we do it? We have a super-hero organizer called TEAMWORK PM, THAT’S HOW!

Teamwork PM is a project management system (hence the PM) that launched in 2007 and has thrilled its users since then. We load every one of our projects onto Teamwork and couldn’t be happier. It’s made us a more streamlined and productive company for sure. So let’s take a quick look around Teamwork PM and see just what makes it so darn goooooooooooood.


You won’t find more features anywhere else for this price. Task prioritization, milestones, task list templates, easy messaging between clients and the company, dead-simple time tracking – the list is quite long.

It’s a smooth-looking product, too, and it lives entirely online. You can use Teamwork PM from any computer with an internet connection. When one of our project managers had to assign some tasks to a developer from a tiny borrowed netbook on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya, he did it. No software to install.

Here’s a screenshot of a cool feature called “task dependencies”. Imagine that you have the following task to complete:

Spotted Koi Project Management


What’s that little box? Oh – it looks like we can’t publish the post until we’ve actually written the post. Go figure.┬áHere’s the task upon which the “Publish” task is dependent:


Spotted Koi Project Management pm

You can see who the task is assigned to, its due date and priority, any milestones that it is connected to, and any comments that the task has accrued. This happens a lot. All of these simple features make it a breeze to create, assign, complete, and re-assign tasks. You can even log time directly on a given task. This makes our accounting super-easy since we can see who did what and when.


Naturally, there are plenty of ways that Teamwork PM provides value to Spotted Koi. We mentioned the ease-of-messaging before. Not only can you do it all from within the webapp, you can also simply reply to messages and comments right from email. For clients who don’t want to learn how to use a project management system, sticking to email might be the best way.

We have to keep track of lots of files: screenshots, client requests, passwords, images, mockups, etc. Teamwork PM has a Files section where we can upload and subsequently download all kinds of stuff. It integrates with Dropbox (another great service), to make things even smoother. The Notebooks section is where we can store our Scope of Work agreements, login information, and any relevant client notes.


If you’re saying, “What about Basecamp?” right now, we’ll simply say that Teamwork PM provides more features at a better price than what 37signals has to offer. We understand that you might think we’re biased, since this whole post has basically been us evangelizing on behalf of Teamwork PM. If you don’t believe Spotted Koi, check out Teamwork PM’s website, where they offer dozens of specific reasons why their product excels over Bascamp.

As someone who used Basecamp for months before we made the switch, I can say that Basecamp is great for collaborating, TeamworkPM is made for businesses – people who care about <sarcasm> silly things like time and priorities! </sarcasm>

Do you want to get on this Teamwork PM train? Sign up here – it gets us perks! [Full Disclosure: that link get's us a small commision, however we have no qualms about it because the system is awesome and we use it constantly!]


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  1. Hi guys,

    Thanks so much for the great write up. Really glad to know TeamworkPM is helping you run your business in a super hero way :-)

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