Is your website killing your business?

There you are, calmly relaxing in Business Class at 35,000 ft. A flight attendant hands you another scotch and soda and you return to reading “Don Quixote”. Suddenly, great tremors shake you out of your reverie, knocking your drink to the floor. Shouts from the peasants in Coach resound throughout the cabin. The flight attendant jumps on the loudspeaker and asks everyone to remain calm. Another wave of turbulence washes over the plane. The engines are roaring as the plane attempts to keep altitude. Oxygen masks descend from the ceiling and baggage spills over into the aisles. The passenger next to you is crying and praying. Your plane begins to plummet towards the sea.

Doesn’t sound pleasant, does it? You know what else is unpleasant? Visiting the website of a business that you’ve heard good things about only to find a static, 2006-era, sad website. It doesn’t matter how many potential customers you meet or how many ads you place on Facebook or billboards on the interstate. What matters is the immediate impression that your site leaves on a potential customer.

Test this on yourself the next time you visit an unfamiliar site. How long does it take you to form an opinion? How quickly do you click away because you can’t find what you are looking for?

Estimates vary, but your website only has a few seconds in which it can grab a visitor’s attention and hold it. It’s even worse if the people that you’re guiding to your site have an eye for web design. Don’t skimp on building your website well.  If you do you may find that it’s turning good leads into non-existent leads.

Remember: Nobody is required to spend time on your site or to buy what you’re selling. Facebook and Pinterest are a mouse-click away. If you want to convert visitors, you need to have an optimized site that is ready to receive them. As always, Spotted Koi is here to help.

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