WordPress Developers Wanted!

We build a lot of WordPress websites. I mean a lot. Everything from small business card websites to full-on systems built on the WordPress platform.

We are looking for developers who know WordPress inside and out, who can do anything and aren’t afraid of new territory.

The two positions we are looking for currently are:

  1. WordPress theme developer
  2. WordPress plugin developer / Troubleshooter.

You can be one, the other, or preferably both.   We can keep you extremely busy and working on some very interesting projects.

WordPress Theme Developer

To Apply, click here

We are looking for someone who can take a PSD and turn it into a WordPress theme. We are sticklers for high quality theming skills.

You must be able to:

  • Estimate your time and break a project down into specific milestones
  • Cut strict compliance XHTML and CSS from a PSD
  • Come up with innovative ways to do out of the box features using WordPress features
  • Custom Post Types
  • Post Formats
  • Wp_Nav_Menu
  • Dynamic Sidebars
  • Follow our WordPress theme cutting guidelines
  • Know SVN or GIT

This is an hourly pay position, where you must be at least 75% billable during your duration with us. We will provide mainly customer requested projects, but may from time to time ask you to help us maintain or modify our current sites.  We like people with ideas and welcome any suggestions for current or future projects.

Click Here to Apply for the WordPress Theme Developer Position

WordPress Plugin Developer

From time to time we have customers who need some pretty cool plugins built or we will even come up with plugins that we want to build internally (we have 3 sitting on our list right now).  We need someone who knows how WordPress works and who can come up with a comprehensive plan of attack for building a plugin as well as actually implement that plan.

You must be able to:

  • Write plugins in your sleep.
  • Create clean admin interfaces.
  • Create short codes for adding elements to a page through your plugin
  • Utilize WordPress hooks without breaking normal functionality.
  • Learn from the WordPress codex, employing what you have learned.
  • Be excited about doing some cool stuff with WordPress.

To Apply please click here.

One thought on “WordPress Developers Wanted!

  1. I don’t have a portfolio at the moment, I’m beefing it up. Send me tests or questions that only a true wordpress developer would know or something. i’m just a regular wordpress guy who needs extra cash.

    The only thing I can say now is that, you can give me any design, I’ll wrap it around wordpress, slice up that PSD or PNG, throw in some functionality you might want in the site (as long as there’s a plugin for it..or I can come up with a solution by customizing a plugin close/similar to it.) give me 6-8 hours. It will happen.

    Give me the design, full access to the server where I’m going to develop it (atleast the FTP and Cpanel info)

    Uhh.. I suck at selling myself don’t I? >.<

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