Newsletter: June 2011

1 Track Find

We recently launched new features for downloading your tracked songs directly from iTunes or Amazon to your computer from within Also, we found that our Twitter login was a little funky, so we fixed it and now it works perfectly.

1TrackFind is absolutely free to use, so go and check it out and give us feedback!

The Startup Shirt

We have been selling shirts like crazy for all kinds of startups and we opened a new section of the site called “custom” for anyone who wants to do a one-off shirt for themselves or friends. On July 16th, Jon Rossi (@jonrrossi) presented the startup shirt to BDNT , we got some great feedback and met some new potential customers. We recently posted over 40 new shirts in both the programming and startup shirts sections of the store and changed the design of the section icons to be more uniform and make the site cleaner.

Our Business Coach

We’re committed to making Spotted Koi the best Web Development company on either side of the Mississippi so we have been working with a business coach recently and as a result Spotted Koi is growing and making some improvements.
If you are looking to improve your business we highly suggest Deb Kolaras because she constantly kicks our butts and shows us how to improve our business both for our customers and for ourselves. You can contact Deb via twitter at @BizCoachDeb or on her brand new website

Changes to our Terms of Service

As a result of learning how we should be running Spotted Koi as efficiently as possible to provide the best service to our customers and ourselves, we are updating our terms of service for our customers. As always our terms are included on every estimate and acceptance of our estimates is acceptance of our terms. For more information about the terms changes, please visit our Terms of Service Page. After our terms, you will find a list of recent changes and the dates when those changes were applied. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about these terms, you can contact us at

New Process for Projects

One of the big changes you will notice from our Terms of Service change (for all future projects), is that we are changing how we deliver websites to ensure that everything is spelled out as clearly as possible from the start. In order to do that, we have modified our delivery process to the following:

  1. We work together to come up with a written Scope of Work, as well as any and all other information that are available and necessary.
  2. We estimate the project.
  3. You approve the project and pay the 50% down payment before we start work.
  4. We build your site or make the necessary modifications from our server and deliver a link to you for approval of the work.
  5. You send us final payment for the work we have completed.
  6. We launch your site to your server.
  7. Rainbows and Unicorns and Profit for all!

Upcoming Spotted Koi Hibernations

Yes, sometimes we even take some personal time to be able bring our best to the table!

June 19 through June 24

Tony will be on vacation and Matt will be available only for emergencies.

July 18 through July 22

Matt will be on vacation and Tony will be available.


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