We need a Full-Time Project Manager

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When we started Spotted Koi, managing our one or two projects at a time was simple. We were able to do everything part-time, at nights, or on weekends — and we kicked ass at it too.  As we have grown, we have gone full-time, added developers and clients, and now with 77 open projects in our Project Management site and over 10 full-time developers working with us at any given time, we have gotten a little overwhelmed.

We strive to provide the best possible experience for our developers and our clients, but in order to do that Tony and I are currently working 60+ hour weeks and are constantly running back and forth between running the company, managing projects, managing developers, and doing some of the work ourselves.  Our projects range in everything from business card websites on WordPress to full-fledged OOPHP projects built on Zend.  This means that we may work on a project for two days or two years, it just depends on the project type.

Our Project Manager needs to be super organized but still a cool person who is fun to work with.  They need to be able to clearly communicate tasks, translate customer communications to our developers, and schedule projects in such a way to keep everyone busy and happy.  You don’t need prior experience as a Project Manager as long as you’re looking to learn quickly with us.

As a Project Manager you will earn a salary and be expected to complete the work that we have for you, sometimes this means you will only have 20-50 hours of work a week, depending on how efficient you are.  We don’t like overworking people because we hate overworking ourselves, but we work until the work is done, not until we are ready to stop.  We don’t currently have an office, but upon hiring a PM we will be looking for an office space where we can meet.  We are currently located in Denver, CO and Kansas City, MO.  We prefer someone who we can meet in person, but you can be anywhere so long as you can get the job done, be to work on time, and maintain good communication with clients, developers, and the owners.   We are also working on a bonus schedule, where you would be paid a bonus based on either upsells or completed projects or some other criteria we have not yet materialized in our brain holes.

We will ask you to:

  1. Help us to mature our current methodology or establish a new one for managing the projects effectively.
  2. Help us to manage anywhere from 10-20 customer projects and schedules at once, as well as 5-10 internal projects and schedules.
  3. Super-freaking organized, to the point where it’s almost a problem.
  4. Really good with people!  If you come off like a creeper and drive the “Free Candy” van, don’t apply.
  5. Eager to learn.  We do things a certain way here and we’re willing to train and willing to listen to suggestions
  6. Eager to please.  We love to keep our customers happy and we love to keep ourselves happy almost as much.
  7. Manage a team of developers and be willing to push on them when they aren’t getting their work done. You will be keeping track of who’s doing a good job for you and making recommendations for whether we give raises or pink slips.
  8. You will report directly to the owners of the company

If you are interested in this position, please contact us with the following information (email info@spottedkoi.com ):

  1. Your Resume
  2. Your project management experience
  3. How technical are you (familiarity with technologies on our website)

If you’re interested in working with Spotted Koi doing something else, you can  click here to apply for the Project Manager position.


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